Video - Mazda 3 s Grand Touring @ the Track

Videa Mazda 3 Mazda 3 s Grand Touring @ the Track

Mazda 3 s Grand Touring @ the Track

FOR FULL MAZDA 3 TEST @ INSIDELINE.COM: Stop us if you've already heard this one: Three automotive journalists go into a car dealership, and they each come out with a Mazda 3 Five-Door. For those of you in the cheap seats, that's both the joke and the punch line. Three chest-thumping, horsepower-hungry car guys who test-drive new cars for a living here at Inside Line all choose the economical Mazda 3 Five-Door hatch to park in their own driveways. Two of these men have bought the 2010 Mazda 3 Five-Door hatchback to drive themselves and one relegates the wheel to his Manolo Blahnik-heeled wife.

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