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MAZDA 3 Home made Cold Air Intake

I made this CAI for my 2008 Mazda3 1.6L. Ived constructed this CAI using radiator hose(2.5" inside diam., commonly used on trucks), 2.5" aluminum pipe (which would house my MAF and vacuum hose) and 3" Simota Air Filter. I used hose clamps to hold them together and to connect it to the throttle. Also, I used an Epoxy Clay Steel to mold the flange on the aluminum pipe for the MAF and 2 bolts to hold down the MAF in place. The Epoxy clay hardens like rock and sticks to the aluminum well, it also can withstand high temp. I routed the rubber hose down at the back of the front bumper, where I placed my Air filter. This way it can suck colder air which is the main goal of CAIs. Cold air intake Principle Aftermarket air intake systems are among the most common and least expensive methods to increase horsepower. It is a simple bolt-on kit that consists of a conical air filter fixed onto an inlet pipe. When it is installed, the inlet pipe starts from the top of the engine and makes its way down to the outside of the engine bay, and the conical air filter is fixed onto the lower end of the pipe. The conical filter can now breathe the air beneath the engine, which is cooler than the air being brought in by the stock air box. This is why the setup is called the cold air intake system. Cool air is denser in oxygen molecules than warmer air, resulting in a more powerful combustion when mixed with fuel. Horsepower gain varies depending on the brand of the intake and the engine it is ...

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