Video - LS2 swapped FB Mazda rx-7

Videa Mazda RX LS2 swapped FB Mazda rx-7

LS2 swapped FB Mazda rx-7

Check out new vids, car is much faster now. 1984 FB RX-7, 2008 TBSS DBW LS2, intake, ported stock heads, .600+ lift cam, custom 1 3/4" headers to dual 3", very rich 11-1 tune on 100 shot in 2 and 3. TH-400 and built 8.8. More to come Sept 18, 2010, St.Thomas Raceway Park, Sparta, Ontario Intercooler is from old turbo set up and I don't have any of the stock front end, so make fun of if you like but car looks like hell without it.



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