Video - Kia Pride Z5T vs KF Type-R spec Test

Videa Mazda B Kia Pride Z5T vs KF Type-R spec Test

Kia Pride Z5T vs KF Type-R spec Test

Test between my two special projects... A Mazda 4 Cylinder Z5 DOHC 16-valve with 97HP + Turbo boost of 15PSI, using a Fully Programmable Engine Management MS1 assembled by Jr/KIADOHC, APEX Front Mount Intercooler, Garret Turbo T3 45V, 370cc injectors, wideband and datalogging tuned by Jr/KIADOHC = Current yet unknown...Dyno..soon VS A Mazda 6 Cylinder KF DOHC with 24-valve with 170HP, "Type-R spec", Non Turbo, HKS Airf filter, KIADOHC Works Semi-dual Exhaust down pipe The one driving the Z5 Turbo...needs a shift light... as he said...for proper and consistent shifting. We were not able to video the first runs where...Im the one driving the Z5 Turbo.... Glenn is driving The Z5 Turbo here Jhonnel is the one taking the video Observe the speed and observe the sound of the engines of these two drag cars... Hehehe...more we finish the "FINAL PROJECT"...My 2-door Festiva with a Mazda BPD 210HP engine as stock in 12PSI of boost....but now boosted in 23PSI



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