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Jadi : Mazda Nagare

Jadi helps launch Mazda's Nagare on the global auto show circuit. After crafting the Kabura launch video that helped Mazda win the Detroit Motor Show's esteemed Aesthetics and Innovation Award at the North American International Auto Show, Jadi was invited to create the look and feel of the elaborate Mazda Nagare unveiling event with an integrated video presentation at the Los Angeles International Show. The sinuous Nagare (flow in Japanese) is designed to appeal to Gen Y, known for their high expectations of luxury and style, as well as their affinity for natural beauty. Jadi conceived and produced the project—including shooting in two locations and composing the original music. The video, displayed on large screens during the worldwide press event, complemented the stage's environmental design and the concept vehicle itself. Shifting between natural images that capture a linear flow, architectural details, a gracefully moving female model embodying Nagare's knockout lines and the Nagare concept vehicle itself, the provocative video ensnares the emotion of motion with high style.

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