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Jadi : Mazda Kabura

Jadi created and filmed this exciting Mazda Kabura video in world famous Malibu Canyon, CA to present to the international press at the Detroit and Los Angeles Auto Shows. "Kabura" is a Japanese term taken from "kabura-ya", an arrow that makes a howling sound when fired, and was historically used to signal the start of a battle. This "first arrow into battle" is meant to represent Mazda's pursuit of unique styling themes and technologies - such as the rotary engine. Power is supplied to Kabura concept's rear wheels from a 2.0 L version of Mazda's MZR DOHC 16-valve engine. The Kabura uses 245/35R19 Bridgestone Potenza front tires and 245/35R20 tires at the rear. While this concept has been assembled with several MX-5 chassis components, the basic dimensions fall between the MX-3 and the RX-8. As a sport compact, it will slot below the RX-8 in the Mazda lineup.

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