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Videa Mazda iRacing Star Mazda @ Suzuka 2012 Season 4

iRacing Star Mazda @ Suzuka 2012 Season 4

Click show more for detailed descriptions and info about iRacing. iRacing week 7 at Suzuka, 2012 Season 4. @0:01 Gained a few spots to some cars going wide in dunlop. Luckily they didn't spin @0:11 Locked my brakes coming into the chicane and narrowly avoided contact. I should have braked a lot earlier. Lost some positions getting back on the track. @0:35 Close driving coming through the chicane. I got back on the gas late coming out and lost a few tenths. @0:51 Avoiding a spinning car in front of me, he was pushing too hard coming out of the esses and lost it by getting his right wheels on the grass. @1:02 Lost a few positions due to a bad start and managed to not get caught up in an accident to my left coming out of T1. Took some damage coming into dunlop from a car that ran wide and spun in the grass. Was minor damage that didn't effect my steering at all but cost my rear tire wear as the race progressed. The initial contact was only a 0x. @1:42 Coming into the hairpin I saw the next car in the dirt. He managed to get back on track and maintain his lead through the exit. @1:53 I had been following this car for 10 laps trying to setup a clean pass. I thought I had a run on the inside through the chicane and was going to take advantage of it. I braked slightly too late and came a bit inside on the line. Unfortunately I ruined both of our races. Boneheaded move by me. @2:21 The car ahead of me got on the brakes a little earlier than he had been in previous laps and we ...



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