Video - iRacing Star Mazda @ Brands Hatch 2012 Season 4

Videa Mazda iRacing Star Mazda @ Brands Hatch 2012 Season 4

iRacing Star Mazda @ Brands Hatch 2012 Season 4

Cockpit, Chopper and webcam view of my races through iRacing's 2012 Season 4 Week 1 Star Mazda series at Brands Hatch. @0:01 Race 1 Lap 2 I slowed down a little early for the trailing car and he slowed down a little late. All of that resulted in a rear end collision spinning me off into the gravel. Luckily we were both able to race with no damage, just a 4x. I forgot to turn on my webcam for race 7 so that footage is replaced with a TV1 view. @0:25 Race 1 Lap 3 Catching back up to and passing someone I lost position to in the spin @0:55 Race 1 Lap 4 Catching and passing another driver I lost position to in the spin. Turn 4 seems to be a great passing zone for me. I seem to get a great run out of 3 and keep the momentum through 4 to pass on the back straight. @1:20 Race 1 Lap 10 Terrible line coming into turn 8, I slowed and turned early, catching some grass on the inside and spinning myself doing minor areo damage. @1:41 Race 1 Lap 18 Coming into turn 1 not too far behind the guy in front of me. He gets loose in 1 and I made the wrong call on which way to go around him. I thought he'd slide forward more before coming across the track. I should have gone to the right and my race wouldn't have ended. @2:00 Race 2 Lap 3-4 A lot of crash avoidance. It was early in the race and I wasn't eager to make any passes when the leader made some minor mistakes. That ended up costing me a position coming into turn 1. I then had to avoid when that driver went off the road. @3:35 Race 3 ...



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