Video - HSR STARS RX-7 Session 4 Part 1

Videa Mazda RX HSR STARS RX-7 Session 4 Part 1

HSR STARS RX-7 Session 4 Part 1

PART 2: Onboard my Mazda RX-7 at the 2012 HSR Atlanta Historic Races in the STARS series. This was my first time ever driving the car and we had some issues but things kept getting better throughout the weekend. With some brakes, a tuned carb, and a few other things (a vibration kept me below 100mph, you can hear me 75% throttle towards 9) the car should be even better! The car is a 1984 RX-7, it still has the 12A, it does have a header and a full exhaust, Tokico shocks, adjustable sway bars, 13x7 wheels, we were running non-shaved RA1s on the front with Diamond Racing wheels and R888s on the rear with Panasports...long story, that wasn't planned! A new steering wheel/spacer is also on my to do list, I don't typically move my hands around so much. lol The car was previously setup for Spec-7 out west, I will be running it in IT7 with the SCCA here on the east coast and I'd love to run some more HSR events, I can't say enough good things about them!



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