Video - Gran Turismo - B License - Gold & Prize car

Videa Mazda B Gran Turismo - B License - Gold & Prize car

Gran Turismo - B License - Gold & Prize car

My blog: follow me Because there was a copyright claim by PIAS, I have redone all the license tests completely. I didn't care much about the time I reached for gold medal. The only music track this video contains is "my home" from the european version of Gran Turismo. -------- These cars are featured on the B License: Mazda Demio GL-X Mitsubishi FTO GP Version NIssan Silvia Mitsubishi GTO Twinturbo Mazda Eunos Roadster Honda CR-X del-sol Courses: B1-B2: Test Course B3-B5: Deep Forest B6-B8: High Speed Ring Prize Car: DODGE Concept Car; 213hp, 980kg, Type FR ----- GRAN TURISMO IS COPYRIGHTED BY SONY COMPUTER ENTERTAINMENT AND POLYPHONY DIGITAL INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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