Video - Gran Turismo 5 - Like the Wind - Daytona - Gold - Mazda Furai

Videa Mazda Furai Gran Turismo 5 - Like the Wind - Daytona - Gold - Mazda Furai

Gran Turismo 5 - Like the Wind - Daytona - Gold - Mazda Furai

One of the two "infamous" races that "makes" you buy a LMP to win. Well, now you don't need to buy anything. Lots of people know about this for some time now, so I'm not taking credit for discovering the method, I'm only showing how to do it on video. ALSO: THERE IS NO SHENANIGANS, only tuning and driving skills. What you gonna do: - Win the "Like the Wind" series, against lots of millionaire cars with a free prize car and minimum tuning. What you need: - B-Spec Lv.7 to win the NR-A Roadster Cup with any roadster Mazda, easy and cheap, that will give you the Mazda Furai Concept Car. How you do it ON THE DAYTONA RACE: - Fist you'll need to buy everything at the shop, besides the "hardened cockpit" thing, I don't remember the name but you know what is, and don't forget the slick soft tires AND THE OIL CHANGE. Now TUNE YOU DOWNFORCE TO THE MAXIMUM BOTH ON FRONT AND REAR. Change your gear ratio to 320 MAXIMUM SPEED. LEAVE THE REST ALONE. Now just drive like in the video, easy as that, you'll win by a long margin due to the AI bad skills at corners. What you get for winning this series: - The cheapest car in the game: the Toyota Minolta. It goes up to 430KpH, it's light and have awesome handling with full downforce. This car only looses to the FGT and the X1. BUT, this is just half way getting it, you'll need to win the other race so, look in the other video! How to do it in Indianapolis: *Soundtrack is: "Sole Survivor" by Helloween "Breaking the Law" by Judas ...

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