Video - Gran Turismo 2 - B-License - Gold & Prize Car

Videa Mazda Demio Gran Turismo 2 - B-License - Gold & Prize Car

Gran Turismo 2 - B-License - Gold & Prize Car

It might be late now, but still better than nothing. I've started now to do all License tests in gold of course of Gran Turismo 2. I didn't waste much time with editing and have done it pretty fast. To bad that the music of GT2 can't be disabled. Anyway enjoy the video :) These cars are featured on the B-License tests: B-1: Toyota Yaris '99 B-2: Fiat Coupe B-3: Nissan Skyline GTR V-spec (r34) B-4: Nissan Micra SR '97 B-5: Subaru Impreza WRX Sti Ver.V '98 B-6: Mazda Demio GL-X '99 B-7: Honda Integra Type-R B-8: Honda Integra Type-R B-9: Ford Cougar B-10: Ford Cougar Prizecar: Honda SPOON SPORTS S2000 (269PS - 1100kg - Type FR)

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