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Videa Mazda E Gav's EV Conversion - 20 - Living with an EV 1

Gav's EV Conversion - 20 - Living with an EV 1

Visit & grab my new EV Conversion book + video package! So far so good! Having an electric car has been great! We've been using the Tredia as a reliable daily driver for a couple of months now and we've cleanly clocked up over 800 kilometres (500 miles) already! Our "Unspent Gas Money" jar gets a $40 visit from Her Majesty each week. It's much better having the money we normally spend on gas back in our pockets, that's for sure! After 2 months we've put almost $300 of money in the jar that would have otherwise gone up in smoke - literally. We now have to decide what to spend it on! I've been busy saving money and I've sold a few things to make up enough to buy a new faster charger too. The method I'm currently using works fine, but it's slow and chargers here are VERY expensive. I'm about to order a new Zivan NG3 16-amp charger from EV America! That'll be in the next video, along with my demonstration at the regional Sustainable Energy Expo! So keep your eyes peeled for the next video! Until then, happy motoring. :)

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