Video - Fram filter fail... Mazda Miata 1992

Videa Mazda Fram filter fail... Mazda Miata 1992

Fram filter fail... Mazda Miata 1992

Fram filter fails in antidrainback test...back to back with Wix(carquest) filter is a 1992 Mazda Miata...a garage did my oil change and installed a Fram Toughguard filter...the car ticked badly on startup from lack of oil pressure...I decided to check what an extraguard filter would be like in comparison...again ticking on startup and after anytime the car sat for more than 10 minutes...sometimes less than 10 minutes...swapped in a Wix filter (made by wix for carquest) you can see no ticking...Fram antidrainback doesn't appear to work on 2 brand new, PREMIUM filters....this video is my opinion based on observation..nothing more

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