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Videa Mazda Formula Mazda at Bob Bondurant

Formula Mazda at Bob Bondurant

Me racing a Formula Mazda around Bob Bondurant Driving School track. Powered by a Mazda 13B rotary (i think). No computers, no power brakes, no fancy electronic assisted transmission... just driver and car. The best driving experience yet.... no better way to feel the track than in one of these. So much fun its hard to explain. And fast. Everything I learned from many great drivers/ instructors was reflected in those Formula sessions. I was pretty much untouchable... look on my dads face was priceless. After all the track events of seeing the ass end of a viper disappear into the horizon, it was finally my turn. Had to cut out the first few warmup laps due to time restrictions. At the end i was getting pretty damn tired and just about lost it in turn one... not really noticeable, but the rear-end slid out quite a bit.

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