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Fluffy Concept Car PUYO : DigInfo

DigInfo - Honda has exhibited PUYO, its new fuel cell concept vehicle at the Tokyo Motor Show 2007. The development theme for the PUYO exterior is to create a "cornerless" Seamless Soft Box form that is not only environmentally friendly but also people friendly. Honda proposed the vehicle as a new type of mobility solution to please both the driver and pedestrians and has encompassed clean, safe and fun as the basic elements of this car. Its minimalist design features an efficient small frame and fuel cell technology, yet maximizes the spaciousness of the interior of the box-shaped design. PUYO's gel body features soft materials to promote greater real-world safety. The luminescent body helps to guide the driver into the proper operating position and notifies to the driver the condition of the vehicle, at the same time facilitating a closer relationship between the driver and the vehicle. PUYO has an elastic instrument panel monitor that automatically rises up when the vehicle is started. It also has other features such as console switch, luminous fluid meter displays and an intuitively operable joystick, all designed to make the vehicle people-friendly.

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