Video - Edited Commercial Series: Mazda Tribute

Videa Mazda Tribute Edited Commercial Series: Mazda Tribute

Edited Commercial Series: Mazda Tribute

This installment of my Edited Commercial Series features a Mazda Tribute commercial with parts cut down to synchronize with the most appropriate song imaginable. At least it's the song I've always thought of when I've seen a Mazda Tribute. It took a lot of chopping and rearranging to get so many nice little syncs; maybe Windows Movie Maker isnt so bad after all... naw, I still miss Avid! Please consider editing your own FITTING Music commercial and posting it as a reply to - Please??? I do not own this content, only the edited result; intended as a fair use parody. Sources: Mazda Tribute ad, "Tribute" by Tenacious D.

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