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drive it!: The Motor Magazine | drive it!

Join us this week for an in-depth look at the exclusive and elegant new BMW 6-Series coupe. After that we head for the hills to test three Asian SUVs. We also visit Daimler for a look at one of their latest projects - the driverless car.present it! The BMW 6-Series CoupeAfter presenting its new 6-Series convertible, BMW has now launched the coupe version of the model. drive it! Took out a 640i with a 235 kW engine -- 35 kW more than the model's predecessor.All of the coupe's motor variants come equipped with a standard 8-gear automatic transmission and automatic start-stop functionality. BMW has also set new standards with its adaptive headlights, which swivel as the car corners. compare it! Opel Antara vs. Mazda CX-7 vs. Mitsubishi OutlanderThis week drive it! Went off-road to test the abilities of three low-priced SUVs. Opel's new Antara faced off with two competitors from Asia -- the Mitsubishi Outlander and Mazda CX-7.The latest version of the Antara comes equipped with a 2.2-liter diesel motor that puts out 135 kW of power, more than either of Opel's competitors in the test. It also has the lead in terms of consumption. But is that enough to take the laurels? test it! Peugeot 508 Sedan and Station WagonPeugeot's new 508 supersedes the earlier 407 and 607 ranges. It's available both as a sedan and station wagon and drive it has put both through their paces.On the outside, the big Peugeot strikes an elegant and refined pose, and inside packs as much quality and ...

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