Video - DCM KX-12 Loudspeaker in a Mazda Pickup!

Videa Mazda B DCM KX-12 Loudspeaker in a Mazda Pickup!

DCM KX-12 Loudspeaker in a Mazda Pickup!

DCM Loudspeakers are the best sounding loudspeakers in my opinion... thats why I have 2 of this type of speaker (kx-12) and 2 of the kx-212 type (the ones with two 12" subs instead of just one like this). when the kx212's were brand new -in 1995 i think- they were being sold at Circuit City for around $900 [Correct me if I'm wrong]. But I bout the KX-212s for only $19 at a swap-meet. I bought these bad boys (KX-12) at a garage sale across the street for $5 a piece! I thought these things were kind of rare!! and here I was, not knowing that my neighbor has DCM KX-12's I live in Centralia, WA btw, and its population is only 14000 people or so... so its pretty odd to think about that. * 3-way transmission line loudspeakers kx12 * Dual XPA 4100 (700 Watt 4-channel Amplifier) - 150 watt output @ 4 ohms i think its a shitty amp, but it does the job- (for now) * Pioneer DEH-345 "High Power" 35W x4 - Super Tuner III * 1988 Mazda b2200 pickup truck sorry everyone, but I must tag: Speakers subwoofers woofer bass vibration omg holy fucking shit god damn thats a lot of bass wow DCM Loudspeakers sub car audio translations of the word speaker (or loudspeaker, or sub whichever i could find) --- sorry if its not correct: högtalare subwoofer

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