Video - Crash Test 2009 Mazda 6 / Atenza (Full Test) Euroncap

Videa Mazda 6 Crash Test 2009 Mazda 6 / Atenza (Full Test) Euroncap

Crash Test 2009 Mazda 6 / Atenza (Full Test) Euroncap

Details of tested car Specifications Tested model Mazda 6 2.0 petrol Exclusive/Active/TS, RHD Body type 5 door hatchback Year of publication 2009 Kerb weight 1424kg VIN from which rating applies JMZGH14F601153165 Seat tested Standard, cloth trim Class LARGE FAMILY Safety equipment Front seatbelt pretensioners Front seatbelt load limiters Driver frontal airbag single stage Front passenger frontal airbag single stage Side body airbags Side head airbags Driver knee airbag Comments Adult occupant In the frontalimpact, the passenger compartment remained stable despite some separation of the facia cross-beam from the A-pillar. The steering column, the column shroud and the facia in the region of the centre console posed a potential threat of injury to the driver's knees as did the glove box lid to the passenger. Protection of the chest in the side pole impact was rated as poor, owing to the extent to which the ribs were deflected. In the side impact, the car provided adequate protection to the chest and good protection to the other body areas assessed. Protection against whiplash injury was rated as marginal. Child occupant The Mazda 6 scored maximum points for protection of the 3 year old, based on the dummy responses in the dynamic tests and lost only a fraction of a point for the 1

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