Video - Crash 2003 - 2006 Mazda 2 / Demio (Frontal Offset Test) EuroNcap

Videa Mazda 2 Crash 2003 - 2006 Mazda 2 / Demio (Frontal Offset Test) EuroNcap

Crash 2003 - 2006 Mazda 2 / Demio (Frontal Offset Test) EuroNcap

Comments The Mazda 2 shares its chassis and running gear with the Ford Fiesta. The two models are built in the same factory. The Mazda 2s cabin took the frontal impact well, but impact forces fed to the passengers chest were relatively high. The Mazda 2 protected well enough in the side impact for a car without side (thorax) airbags fitted as standard. However, testers noted that a rear door on the struck side came partly unlatched but did not open. Mazda says that it is to investigate this problem. Child protection was mixed and pedestrian protection was average. Mazda paid for an additional side impact and pole test using cars fitted with optional side and head airbags. The results are shown below. Front impact The restraint systems worked reasonably but the front passenger experienced high forces fed through to his chest. The cars fascia and footwell stood up to the crash. As with any small car, it was difficult to provide room to protect the drivers knees. The steering column, its mounting and adjustment lever and fascia could all cause injuries. The cars dash also put the front passengers knees at risk. Side impact The test car protected reasonably given that side airbags are not fitted as standard equipment across the range. But the driver ran some risk from the armrest and the intruding door and trim assembly. An optional head-protecting curtain did not safeguard the drivers head. Child-protection Mazda recommended Britax Romer Lord restraints and these were ...

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