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Civic v Corolla v Mazda 3 Consumer Comparison by As so many Hollywood blockbusters have proven, if something works once, why not try it again? Last year, we decided to try something completely different by inviting six regular consumers to do a comparison test of three popular midsize sedans — without the sponsorship of a specific manufacturer. They poked and prodded each car using the same criteria Edmunds editors use when evaluating a vehicle. The result was an enlightening experience for the consumers involved, the editors and, judging by feedback, the readers at home. For the sequel, we rounded up three economy sedans: the two best-selling models (Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic) and the one we consider to be the best (Mazda 3). We also invited a fourth dark-horse contender to the party, but the Mitsubishi Lancer that showed up featured a fancy stereo, a sunroof and a $3000-higher price tag. It was disqualified before the test started for being too far out of the price range. As such, the remaining three contenders were priced within $479 of each other, giving our testers the chance to see how much equipment each brand provides for basically the same amount of dough. Each car was also right off the boat (or train), with miles in the low hundreds or less. In other words, nothing was given an undue advantage. Here's a rundown of the cars.

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