Video - Building the 1980 Mazda 323 (familia)

Videa Mazda 323 Building the 1980 Mazda 323 (familia)

Building the 1980 Mazda 323 (familia)

This is the buildup process of a 1/24 scale Aoshima 1980 Mazda 323 Familia hatchback - there are not many of these (as scale models) about! The 1980-85 Mazda 323 Familia (or in a restyled form in Australia, New Zealand and Asian markets as Ford Laser) is a car highly (and lowly!) regarded by millions of people - particularly university and college students! - the world over. Where I am, New Zealand, these things are VERY thick on the ground! Building this car certainly bought back many incredibly random student memories involving 323s - being in them with 6 others! trekking across Dunedin, undie 500 runs (a student 'race' in under $500 cars between Christchurch and Dunedin New Zealand),'clapped out car races down the main street' to name a few! Soundtrack is Finger Eleven - "Good times"

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