Video - Bias B - Rap Life feat. Maundz (WITH LYRICS) (Biaslife 2011)

Videa Mazda B Bias B - Rap Life feat. Maundz (WITH LYRICS) (Biaslife 2011)

Bias B - Rap Life feat. Maundz (WITH LYRICS) (Biaslife 2011)

Title: Rap Life feat. Maundz Artist: Bias B Album: Biaslife (2011) LYRICS: come have a real look mate its not whats its all cracked up to be you know its all make believe lets tell em.. look this rap life isn't all about grabbin the mic stackin' up piles of cash, lashin and catchin a flight sometimes its survivng the wakest of nights promoter needs a smack in the eye denying you cash and then acting all sly the fans thinkin your spashing out on some wine rackin up all the time in fact your gettin jacked taken for a ride everybody wants a peice of that pie they're bleeding you dry, feeding you lies behind their smile is an evil disguise believe me, this scene isnt all glamour and glitz mackin a chick, smashin' hips, backstage with some random bitch or at the casino stackin up chips its more like a pack of dicks lackin a tact and acting like kids and thats me crackin the shits cause ive had it with pricks not handle'in biz and ive been rappin too long to stand for that shit no ones taking advantage of this id abondon the gigs if not for the fans who wouldn't understand how it is... oh man its bias b oi bro i want all the cash you got, i want the cars man your from hursty yeah they got fuckin big houses out there, give me one! this rap life isn't all fortune and fame or being snapped by papparazzi when bording a plane or holidays to resorts no recent hoards of broads calling ya name its more like payments falling short when they call it a day late performances, organisation ...

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