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Videa Mazda 6 All-New Mazda6, not TAKERI

All-New Mazda6, not TAKERI

The all-new Mazda6 sedan, which is the 2nd vehicle to be introduced by Mazda with the full complement of SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY and KODO design, breaks out of the constraints typical of midsized sedans. Thanks to these recent innovations Mazda has been able to "push the edge of the envelope" in terms of proportion and stance. As a result the new Mazda6 makes a very strong first impression. Akira Tamatani describes the all-new Mazda6 as "Drawing on the untamed vitality of nature, we refined a design that is sensual and artistic. The KODO design expresses the powerful beauty of a living organism. With its low center of gravity the car seems to hug the ground as it sprints along. Just wait until you see it in the flesh!" SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY

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