Video - All-New Mazda6, not TAKERI

Videa Mazda All-New Mazda6, not TAKERI

All-New Mazda6, not TAKERI

As an expression of the characteristics incorporated into all of its new vehicles Mazda has created a new color called "Soul Red." Thanks to an innovative new paint process developed by Mazda we are able to capture both the deepness and vividness of the color. Deep: high in saturation and low in brightness Vivid: very high in chroma. Producing a strong or clear impression on the senses "The car's form manages to convey both a dignified tension and suppleness at the same time, and Soul Red is brilliantly vivid with a deep luster. It's the way these two elements complement each other which produces the charm of the new Mazda6," says chief designer Akira Tamatani.

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