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Adam Curry John Dvorak No Agenda Daily Source Code

Making this, i kinda got nostalgic. Remembering the beginning of No Agenda. After 85 episodes in 6 months No Agenda has turned into a Z100 with jingles and YUK, YUK humor mixed with pseudo news, mixed with conspiracy theories mixed with Obama hate. This is not a time to be mucking it up guys! If you are interested in providing insight, take some effort and stop BITCHING! Trashing Obama is third grade. We all know everyone in office is bought. Odbama isn't Jesus, we get it. No Agenda = Partly radio format. Partly Alex Jones format. Partly everything that moves should be protested format. For those who have Internet access, you are already aware of these stories. Everyone is ALWAYS, ALWAYS TALKING ABOUT THE SAME SHIT. No Agenda covers ALL THE SAME SHIT in 90 minutes, all the stuff you already know. Pick a topic. WAIT! No Agenda is different! Well, they are different because they mock the fake news and make the real news irrelevant due to their 4 second attention span when talking about the latest and greatest RFID chips in vaccines. Want real news. GO ELSEWHERE. Want to hear an old man correcting an X - MTV VJ who has just now realized the government is full of a bunch of greedy stoooges.... Then listen. You will love it. At the ripe old age of 43 Adam Curry has finally realized the things aren't what them seem to be. The "podfather" has made it his mission to do 3 seconds of research per month to get to the bottom of why the human race is in this mess. The entire show ...

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