Video - 87 Mazda Rx7 Special Edition - Rollin Nukes(dubstep)

Videa Mazda RX 87 Mazda Rx7 Special Edition - Rollin Nukes(dubstep)

87 Mazda Rx7 Special Edition - Rollin Nukes(dubstep)

Drifting my 1987 Mazda FC3S. Some mods have been performed. This car is dedicated to my father, RIP 1945-2009 Royal Purple synthetic oil in everthing Racing Beat Dual Mufflers OBX Header Racing Beat freeflow presilencer Air pump removed ACV removed eBay air filter Rebuilt calipers Mazdatrix stainless steel brake lines Racing Beat stainless steel clutch lines Accel wires NKG plugs Mazdatrix undersize pulleys eBay short shifter Racing Beat rear steer eliminator ebay front and rear strut bracing Mazdatrix sway bar links NKG plugs Tokico Shocks Racing Beat lowering Springs Ported throttle body TB mod Cold-Start removed Cruise control removed MazdaSpeed Competition tranny and engine mounts 16x7 195/55/16 Falken and 20/55/16 Dunlop tires more to come..... First song is Rolling Stones - Look What You've Done Second song is Datsik - Nuke Em

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