Video - 550HP Mazda RX-7 Spitting Flames! - 1080p HD

Videa Mazda RX 550HP Mazda RX-7 Spitting Flames! - 1080p HD

550HP Mazda RX-7 Spitting Flames! - 1080p HD

You might have seen this powerfull Mazda RX-7 before in some of my videos. I still get messages from people who want to see more of this car, so I decided to upload this video. A few weeks ago I had a trip with some exotic cars when I got behind this 550HP RX-7. Everytime the owner lifts his foot from the gaspedal a huge flames comes out of the exhaust. At 1:15, the RX-7 is behind a Ferrari Challenge Stradale, you can't see it very good in this video, but the RX-7 was right on the tail of the Ferrari! If you like this, I can make a better video of this car :) Thanks for watching and please leave a comment :) ''Like'' my Facebook page! - Or add me as a friend! -

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