Video - 2004 Mazda6 V6 Key Fob Update (Remote Entry Demo)

Videa Mazda 6 2004 Mazda6 V6 Key Fob Update (Remote Entry Demo)

2004 Mazda6 V6 Key Fob Update (Remote Entry Demo)

Nothing special, just another update. The key fob came in today so now I can have keyless remote entry to my car at long last. Along with the trunk. It shows signs of wear but for $5, I can't complain lol. Of course I programmed it myself 1. Open drivers door and leave open. 2. Lock and Unlock the drivers door using the power lock switch on door panel. 3. Insert key into the ignition. 4. Turn key to the ON and OFF position 3 times in 10 seconds. Leave key in ignition. 5. Open and close drivers door 3 times ending with door in the open position. 6. Door locks should respond by locking and unlocking. 7. Press any button on remote 2 times. Doors should then lock and unlock. 8. If programming a second remote press any button onit 2 times and door locks should lock and unlock. 9. Remove key from ignition and locks should lock and unlock again. 10. Test Remotes

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