Video - 1998 mazda 626 LX (Stock to Present)

Videa Mazda 626 1998 mazda 626 LX (Stock to Present)

1998 mazda 626 LX (Stock to Present)

just a small film i made to show what i have done to my mazda 626 since i bought it, nothing major yet, shows my stock exhaust then the sound of my aftermarket one. Redoing the body work and paint job and a new video will be posted in the spring when all the work is done, hope you like it. keep your eye out for my next movie

Mazda, 626, muffler, exhaust, 1998, racing, magnaflow tip, stock, done up, pimped out, Enkie MP5, rims, tinted windows, shocker, 4 cylinder, standard, manual, 5 speed



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