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2014-02-10 20:36:12

tohle je náhul, klobouk dolů před machýrky http://vimeo.com/channels/windsurftvnl/86307009

2014-02-10 20:49:08

Bývalý voják s amputovanýma rukama i nohama driftuje s Mazdou 6 MPS

Quad Amputee Drifting Car!  |  Více info

This is a video of Taylor Morris, the 5th surviving Quad Amputee who served over in Afghanistan as a Navy EOD petty officer. Taylor was injured almost 8 months ago and this was his first time driving an unmodified vehicle since his injury. Taylor goes all the way We made this to showcase how far Taylor has come since May 3rd, 2012... Taylor's dream is to ride shotgun with Ken Block. We created this video to get Ken's attention and it worked! Ken offered Taylor a ride in Feb!! Click this link to tweet the video! #TaylorRideWithKen

Follow Taylor:

Video Created By:

Tim Dodd & Ben Hagarty

Music By:

La Roux - "In For The Kill" (Skrillex remix)

2014-02-11 10:56:10

vitus: to muselo miestami aj dobre boliet.

2014-02-14 13:29:53

No fuj je mi blbě jenom z toho na tohle koukat ... vymatlanci bez pudu sebezáchovy

Shanghai Tower (650 meters)  |  Více info

Today we will show you how to climb on second tallest building in the world. Shanghai Tower, China.

Contacts: ontheroofscom@gmail.com

Music: N'to - Trauma (Worakls Remix):

About climbing on english in my and Vadim livejournal's:

2014-02-14 13:35:00


2014-02-14 14:13:49

vitus: asi to stálo za to

2014-02-14 17:46:53

merlinhawk: tam by mě nedostali. Ani s batůžkem jako textilního pilota

2014-02-14 20:42:38

Best of Wingsuit 2013 [HD] with Jeb Corliss, Alexander Polli, Jokke Sommer, Espen Fadnes  |  Více info

Flyers & Profiles "special thanks to all" Please like them all to follow them

Jeb Corliss -

Jokke Sommer -

Espen Fadnes -

Alexander Polli -

my facebook Page:

*thumbnail is from Jeb Corliss Fanpage*


song 1 "Yuna - Lullabies(Adventure Remix)

song 2 "The Black Keys - Little Submarines"

song 3 "Injustice - Civilisation

song 4 "Adele - Skyfall Cover Madilyn Bailey

song 5 "Marcy Gray - Sail Awlonation Cover

'Wingsuit 2013' was a non-profit project made solely for entertainment purposes, not aimed at breaking copyright law. No monetary gain was relevant for any of the parties involved. All rights to all material remain courtesy of their respective owners, none of which were involved with or notified of this project.

2014-02-16 10:14:02

z tohoto videa plyne poučení, že při tvorbě reklamy by se neměly brát drogy .....

Woda mineralna Vytautas! | Vytautas: polish version  |  Více info

Written and directed by Tadas Vidmantas.

2014-02-16 15:53:07

zlatá jízda Evy Samkové


2014-02-17 09:35:12

Čištění zapalovacích svíček  |  Více info

Můj způsob jak na to.Doufám, že mne zde někdo neukamenuje

Osvědčený způsob, jak ušetřit zákazníkovi, při hledání závady v řízení motoru.

Nové montuji, až když přesně vím co způsobilo závadu či zanešení.

Krof L. www.sstrnb.cz

2014-02-17 09:53:53

max6: čau, ja myslím že je to v poho, čo by si ešte mohol skúsiť je toto: ten svetlý plameň vnútri je redukčný, vonkajší je oxidujúci. Redukčný má nižšiu teplotu a nespaluje, netvorí oxidy ale naopak, redukuje ich. Oxidačný plameň spáli sadze a karbon. Myslím, že pochopíš hned, mohol by si vidieť rozdiel, keď vyskúšaš. A možno to už dávno poznáš .

2014-02-17 09:57:24

merlinhawk: Tak to musim napsat tomu týpkovi co to video vytvořil Moje dílo to neni,jen jsem dal pro inspiraci a hlavně pro lidi co nevědí,že svíčka pod tlakem pálí jinak než venku na vzduchu.

2014-02-17 22:47:14

RX7 - zachráněný nepovedený drift

antilag.com - RX7 powerskid, lose and save - Powercruise WA 2010  |  Více info

An RX7 loses it while attempting a powerskid but manages to keep it off the wall... somehow!


2014-02-18 16:33:53

Ken Block - trochu jinak než obvykle - auvajs

Fotky: http://bryce-the-hoonigan...formance-rally-1448849132

Zdroj auto mania


See how and why Ken Block and Alex Gelsomino's Rally America title chase came to an abrupt, and brutal, end back in October at their final event, the Lake Superior Performance Rally.


Due to two simple letters ("in") missing in his pace notes on one of the final stages of the event, Block and Gelsomino ended up cart wheeling down one of the final stages of the season, end over end, before coming to a stop against a tree. The missing "in" allowed Block to go slightly wide around a very safe looking corner where his rear wheel went into the weeds and got caught up on a small clump of dirt, sending the Ford Fiesta HFHV into the air. While the crash was violent, the pair were fortunate to walk away from the championship-ending incident with minimal injury.

2014-02-18 16:51:57

Hokejový zápas ČR-SR ve znakové řeči

Na Stojáka - hokejový zápas ve znakové řeči  |  Více info

2014-02-18 19:14:46

Tohle je dobrej blázen v takovym střepu to dát pod 10

AX diesel Nurburgring record lap 9:55 BTG  |  Více info

Citroën AX 14D « Entreprise » -- 1993 -- 685.100 km -- 1,360 litre diesel engine 52 hp -- 720 kg

The car is stock except: xenon lights, front tyres (A048), increased fuel pressure, strutbar (because of the mileage of the body) and an aluminum intake from 1.5D engine (because of the strutbar).

This record lap was done on Saturday August 17th 2013 at 8:37am.

It was the 118th Nordschleife lap for this car and my 10th attempt trip (1115 km away from Bordeaux in France).

Lap timing equipment = mobile phone with Harry's Lap Timer and a XGPS150 Bluetooth receiver.

It took me a lot of time and patience to achieve a "Bridge To Gantry" lap time under 10 minutes during the tourist drive sessions at the Nordschleife.

This challenge was definitely for fun but also to prove it could be done with work, tenacity and a bit of madness too...

I have been chasing the 'perfect lap' for 7 years with no traffic, no road works, fresh air, dry track, no driving mistakes and a reliable drivetrain.

This TUD3 diesel engine is known for its poor reliability and I went through 9 engines and 5 gearboxes!

Here I want to thank all the people who spent time to help me work on this little car.

With such a non-powerful car, if you kill the momentum you're done, and in many corners I tend to overdrive the car trying to maximize momentum.

For this reason, my video is not a driving lesson at all!

During all these years I tried to be respectful of the Nürburgring tourist drive rules, the other users (faster and slower cars) and the people working on the track.

Recording movies and lap times is not allowed, in theory...but I made this video to show you don't necessarily need a sport car and a lot of money to enjoy driving.

Racing is a state of mind.

2014-02-19 10:01:10

deri: slusnej magurek

2014-02-19 10:44:36

No 7 let to trénovat to musí bejt fakt nadšenec ale jako taky bych si tam zajezdil to jako jo

2014-02-19 10:47:50

deri: a kolik za těch 7 let vylágroval Citroenů ?


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