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Seznam změn na generaci II. RX-8 (v AJ)

Fórum RX-8 II Seznam změn na generaci II. RX-8 (v AJ)

Informace o modelu: Mazda RX-8 II

2014-02-14 23:55:47

Zatím jen v Angličtině, ale i tak je to zajímavý výpis.

Vcera jsem hledal rozdily generace II a je toho hodně pro rotary znalce a fandy.


R3 adds a sport-tuned suspension with Bilstein shock absorbers and front suspension crossmembers filled with urethane foam. Filling the crossmembers makes for a smoother ride, minimized NVH and greater suspension control.

  • All New Powertrain Control Module (PCM) with TEMPERATURE SENSOR newly added and built into the PCM, when ETC (Engine Compartment Temperature) reaches 230F or 100C with Ignition OFF, Medium Cooling Fans Switch ON.
  • New Larger Genuine Oil Filter and Repositioned On Front Timing Cover Housing To-wards The Sump (Left Hand Side). USE GENUINE 09 SERIES II OIL FILTER ONLY.

Revised Oil Filler and Dip Stick (Longer Type).

  • New EMOP "Electric Metering Oil Pumps" Two of them... Internal Oil Pressure in EMOP's is between 7.3 and 21.7 PSI (Used for the first time by Mazda)
  • New Design Oil Injection Nozzles 3 per Rotor Housing..Totalling 6.
  • New Oil Pump Assembly.
  • 50% Higher Oil Pressure Rate at 100 oC (121oF) @3000 RPM...500 kPa {5.10 kgf/cm2, 72.5 psi} When compared to Series 1 RX-8.
  • New Oil Pressure Sensor (Located on #1 EMOP).
  • Larger Oil Pan Sump Capacity.
  • New Hex (8mm) Type Oil/Sump Drain Plug.
  • New Internal Oil/Sump Pan Magnet...(First Time Used In A Rotary Engine Since 1985 FC RX-7)
  • New External Silver Plate Engine Sump Guard.
  • New Inlet Manifold with Changed APV Position Sensors.
  • Revised 4 Fuel Injection Nozzles (2 Primary, 2 Secondary). (Series I six Port Engine had 6 FI Nozzles).
  • Revised Atmospheric Air Control Solenoid (Near Throttle Body)
  • New Fuel Pump.
  • New Radiator Core.
  • New Radiator Electric Fan Motors.
  • Revised Radiator Fans Speeds from 2 to 3 Speeds. (Low, Middle, High).
  • New Alternator.
  • New Starter Motor N3R3
  • New Battery 80D26L. (80 AMP Hour) (Was 50D22L (50AH) or 75D26L (75AH) in Series I)
  • New Exhaust System.
  • New Yaw Rate Sensor Unit.
  • New Air Conditioner Temperature Controller (Amplifier).
  • New Bridgestone RE050A's in 18" and 19" (R3).
  • New Manual Transmission (6 speed MX-5/Miata) (Reverse is now next to 1st gear not next to 6th gear).
  • New Differential Ratio (Manual).
  • New Differential Fixing Plate Washer on PPF (Power Plant Frame).
  • Changed Throw Out Bearing (Thrust or Fork Bearing).
  • Revised Oil Coolers, Air Intakes and Oil Cooler Hose Lines.
  • Extra Rotor Knock Sensor (Now 1 per Rotor, Total Of 2).
  • New Water Pump/ New Timing Cover to suit.
  • New Water Pump Pulley.
  • New Water Pump "O" Ring as Gasket.
  • New Spark Plug Leads.
  • New Ignition Coils 100C and Backing/Mounting Plate (looks ventilated or holed) Nově instalované cívky - 100C revize a jeste ulozeni lepsi
  • New Alternator/Air Compressor Drive Belts.
  • Revised Eccentric Shaft (Crankshaft) Pulley.
  • Revised Oxygen Sensor (CAT).
  • Revised Air/Fuel Ratio Sensor (Exhaust Manifold).
  • New Air Pump Control Unit.
  • New One Piece Trans Tunnel Heat Shield (Previously Two Piece).
  • New Under Body Covers Reducing C Drag from 0.31 to now 0.30.
  • Larger Fuel Tank (5 liters extra or around a gallon).
  • New Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) Hydraulic Unit Control Module.
  • New Differential Mounting Bracket.
  • New Rear Suspension Control Links (Rods) Upper/Lower and Trailing have increased In Diameter.
  • New Rear Stabilizer Bar.
  • New Rear Shocks And Springs.
  • New Rear Parking Brake Cables.
  • New ABS Wheel Sensors (All 4 Wheels).
  • Revised TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) US Only.
  • New Front Upper And Front Lower Suspension Arms (Wishbone).
  • New Front Steering Knuckles And Wheel Hubs.
  • New Front Stabilizer Bar.
  • New Front Shock and Springs.
  • Revised Power Steering Control System Unit.
  • Revised Headlamp Auto Leveling Sensors.
  • New 3 Piece (Instead of 2) Strut Tower Brace (Manual Only), Auto's Retains Two Piece Tower Brace.
  • Revised Front and Rear Wheel Arch Splash Guards/Shields.
  • Thicker (Heavier Guage) Steel On The Two Front Strut Towers.
  • Additional Spot Welding Around Both Door Openings For Increased Rigidity.
  • Stiffened Body Shell = Torsional (twisting) and Flexural (bending) Rigidity have been increased by 5.4 and 8.7 per cent respectively.
  • Auto's and Manual's both have 6 port engines, Max Power RPM (kw) has been limited to 7500 for Auto compared to 8200 RPM for the manual.
  • ----------------------

Je toho dost pro fandy RX... Dost to resi neduhy serie I. Je škoda, že je dostupnost generace II tak malá.........

2014-04-15 15:01:17

Coming soon CZ ...

2014-08-14 22:47:58

R3 Projekt pokračuje

Mazda RX-8 [2009] Official Ad

Mazda RX-8 [2009] Official Ad

2014-08-21 08:33:35

Další postup prací, vypadá to velmi dobře - cat-back Racing Beat REV8, DBA 4000 T3 brzdove kotouce a desky MazdaSpeed Spec. B, zaroven instalovaveny komplet PSS9 B16 Bilstein Coilovery... Ted se ceka na jeden chybejici plast - uz je na ceste z USA.

2014-09-05 09:00:09

Moc pěkně sepsaná revize S2 verze.. palec nahoru!

2015-03-26 08:52:59

emvique: U nás málo výdaná komparace V práci s oběma.

Šedá více daily friendly a spojka lehčí plus ve městě je s ní celkově lépe.

Dále foto jak R3 čeká na letní sezónu a i křest na okruhu v Mostě 29.3.2015

Nakonec super foto od Lukáše Soutora, kterému děkuji za focení. Je to profík

2015-04-03 01:59:16

Jojo.. Lukas umii!

Hlavne tomu dej na okruhu poradne pokorit :D

2016-04-19 09:03:48

Vypadá celkem fešně :)))