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mazda 6 motor chyba P0304

Fórum 6 GG / GY mazda 6 motor chyba P0304

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2011-04-01 15:41:25

zdravim koukam ze je tady uzitecne forum o mazde

Mam takovy problem auto po zahrati skoci do nouzaku(mazda 6 100kw)

na diagnostice se nacetl 4. vstrik, po zamene vstriku 4. za 3. se zavada opakuje stejna, nacte to vzdy 4.vstrik (pritom tam je 3)

Prosim o radu Dekuji

pro doplneni

Diagnostika ukazuje P0304 vynechavani valce 4.

kabelaz je OK

2011-04-02 22:00:46

DTC P0301

DTC P0302

DTC P0303

DTC P0304

Cylinder No.1 misfire detection

Cylinder No.2 misfire detection

Cylinder No.3 misfire detection

Cylinder No.4 misfire detection



  • PCM monitors CKP sensor input signal interval time. PCM calculates the change of interval time for each

cylinder. If the change of interval time exceeds the preprogrammed criteria, PCM detects a misfire in the

corresponding cylinder. While the engine is running, PCM counts number of misfires that occurred at 200

crankshaft revolutions and 1,000 crankshaft revolutions and calculates misfire ratio for each

crankshaft revolution. If the ratio exceeds the preprogrammed criteria, PCM determines that a misfire,

which can damage catalytic converter or affect emission performance, has occurred.

Diagnostic support note

  • This is a continuous monitor (MISFIRE).
  • MIL illuminates if PCM detects the misfire which affects emission performance in two consecutive drive

cycles or in one drive cycle while the DTC for the same malfunction has been stored in the PCM.

  • MIL flashes if PCM detects the misfire which can damage the catalytic converter during first drive cycle.

Therefore, PENDING CODE is not available while MIL flashes.

  • PENDING CODE is available if PCM detects the misfire which affects emission performance during first

drive cycle.

  • FREEZE FRAME DATA is available.
  • DTC is stored in the PCM memory.



  • Spark plug malfunction
  • High-tension lead malfunction
  • Fuel injector malfunction
  • Air suction in intake air system (between dynamic chamber and cylinder head)
  • Inadequate engine compression due to engine internal malfunction
  • Related connector or terminal malfunction
  • Related wiring harness malfunction

2011-04-18 09:35:46

tak prodlem je nalezen dva vyfukove ventily na 4 valci dam to do hromady a uvidime

ted potrebuji postup serizeni vule ventilu prosim prosim